Subliminal Learn Any Language Faster! 


The Amazing Power of 

Subliminal Messages 

with Your Alpha Brain Waves . . .

Subliminal Hypnotic Suggestions, a form of self hypnosis and relaxation, and  brainwave entrainment can help you improve your language learning ability. We all have an amazing potential to learn a language without pain, easily – it's hard wired into all of our brains from birth!

We learnt our native language as a child without fear of failure, and each have a huge amount of unconscious positive memories and resources within us to know that we can do it again. Now, you can re-access those latent abilities and learn afresh that you have an excellent memory and powerful skills for learning any language! Those skills and ability can be utilised and freed again with the help of Subliminal Messages. Releasing those inner barriers and mental blocks makes it easier to recall and learn whatever you need to, you will be supported by your unconscious mind once again.

Using your inbuilt ability to its full potential means that naturally you'll enjoy your holidays more, you'll simply get more out of the experience, you'll produce better exam results, you'll increase your self confidence and will gain more respect from those around you, including those overseas citizens!

This recording uses Subliminal Hypnotic Messages combined with Brainwave Entrainment for maximum effect to help you gain that valuable access to your own powerful storehouse of inner resources. It will enable you to start to find it easier than you did previously, to learn whatever you need to and to use that knowledge whenever you need to remember it. You will find it easier to relax and remember what you need to, in fact your natural language abilities and memory could begin to flow like a wonderful stream of energy. All you need to do is play it while learning, as a background sound, or play it anytime you wish to relax...

This Subliminal Brainwave Recording has specific positive suggestions specifically directed at improving your language learning skills.


"This Is The Easiest Way For You To Succeed In Changing Yourself" Guaranteed.

Reach the magic of your own ALPHA , brainwaves with this "state-of-the-art" recording, which is designed to enable you to reach the ALPHA state easily and to program it by using new positive subliminal  suggestions.

Here’s how you can begin to train your mind today, you are being offered the chance to:

Subliminally Program Your Own Brain!

This offer includes the following recording:

Sounds of Waves

The background sounds you will hear on this recording is based on that of the most natural and calming sound, that of the waves against the shore. That's the predominant sound you will hear, along with a gentle lower level highly relaxing rhythmic background of other sound designed to relax you progressively to ALPHA levels in about 10 minutes. The recording lasts over 40 minutes.

Use this Brainwave recording to begin to focus really well, what ever you are doing, this will take you into healthy alpha levels, the effect of this will be to increase your - Alpha brain wave levels – It can actually increase your mental abilities, IQ, focus. You can play this as background sound through headphones or through a CD player.

You can also use this recording to achieve REM sleep or extreme relaxation, it helps many people to sleep better. 

It's not just me who thinks that Subliminal BWE recordings are of great benefit.

Just look at look at what people around the world are saying about the possibilities of Brainwave Entrainment:

"It holds many of the same benefits as meditation without taking years to become proficient at it"

"Brainwave Entrainment is Highly acclaimed for it's healing powers"

"Increased awareness is an added benefit of Brainwave Entrainment"

"Brain entrainment in the theta range is primarily:
to enhance creativity; for the acceptance of positive affirmations; and subliminal suggestions; as an aid to visualising

"Using sound in these ways, it is possible to make profound changes in brainwave patterns and states of consciousness"

"I am able to go to a place of pure peace and relaxation, and feel amazing when I come back"

"You can have improved sleep, relaxation and other health benefits"

"I gave up smoking without any cravings whatsoever, I just wasn't bothered,amazing"

"Research on Brain waves shows that a relaxed mental state, known as the "alpha state", your brain unlocks its memory banks and can retrieve and access your knowledge easily. If you are stressed, nervous or fear failing the SAT your memory banks become constrained. Learn how to access the Alpha State"


Ok, How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

So, what is the combined BWE & Subliminal Messages recording worth? Considering all of the technology and knowledge used to produce it ? What's the price?, Well, normally I sell this recording for double what I am asking here, and it's worth every penny!
However, I'm currently selling it with a massive 50% reduction. That's great value! 

That's right, and I know it's extremely competitive at that price and very easy to copy to cd using free software such as CDEX. 

Subliminal Learn Any Language Faster!


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ps.. As you can probably tell, this recording really is quite a bargain. I may even decide to up the price soon. 

So if you're really serious about changing your life now, there is no point waiting. It's better to buy it now.

pps.. If you've been looking around the internet, you will know you won't find any better value than this.

Patrick Stacey

NLP Master Practitioner


Personal Change Coach